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At Novo therapies, advanced training has been undertaken in massage, this has qualified me as an Advanced clinical massage therapist. This means i have a greater understanding of anatomy and how the body works in relation to chronic pain, and also means I know the protocols of how to approach and start to ease chronic pain. If Clinical massage sounds like something that would be beneficial for you please contact me.

As well as this additional training I have been awarded 3rd place in the Advanced Massage Category at the National Massage Championships 2021.

60 minutes - £65

90 minutes - £90


40 minute back, neck & shoulders - £45

60 minutes
(Upto 3 areas) - £60

90 minutes
Full body - £85

120 minutes
Full body - £105

60 minutes - £65
I have been lucky enough to undertake advanced training to treat pregnant people & also people suffering with pregnancy induced pathologies such as; Carpal Tunnel, Back & Pelvis pain, Headaches, Tarsal pain, Ribcage pain, Thoracic outlet syndrome.  



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