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Natural Nails

At Novo Therapies we specialise in Natural nails, showing our clients how to have the best looking nails without the need of enhancements, whilst also educating on how to care for your natural nails.
This is done using Gel polish & BIAB gel by the gel bottle depending on the health of your nails.

Gel manicure - £35

Gel soak off & reapplication - £40

BIAB Gel Manicure - £40

BIAB Infill - £45

BIAB Soak off & reapplication - £45

Soak off & tidy - £20

French freehand (add to any service) - please look at nail art options below

Repair - £6 per nail
Free repair within 48 hours of your appointment if needed.

Nail extended - If you need have broken 1/2 nails and the rest of your natural nails are at your desired length then please contact me with a picture - I will assess wether these can be extended - £3.50 per nail

Nail art

Click Images for full nail art description













If you would like nail art please select the option from above when making your booking. Once you have made your booking please send me a picture / idea of what nail art you would like - If you would like an exact price please let me know.

Nails Policy


Nail art

Please send Novo Therapies a picture / idea of what nail art you would like upon booking, so that Novo Therapies can make sure the approporiate time has been booked out for this. This also identifies if the type of nail art you require is something that can be provided. Examples can be sent to or direct to Novo Therapies instagram - please state that you have booked an appointment and the date of the appointment and proceed to send the inspiration pictures. 

New Nail clients

Novo Therapies requires all new nail clients to arrive with BARE nails. Novo Therapies does not remove other peoples work.

Nail clients

Please make sure you are booking in for the correct service. BIAB takes longer than a gel manicure. If you would like french or nail art please make sure to select these options on the booking system, as it allows additional time to be added to your appointment.



Free Nail repairs within the first 48 hours only.

£6 per nail after


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